Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cruise Update: End of Day 5

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Position: 28° 43.37' N latitude
092° 55.87' W longitude

We are on the westernmost transect of the research cruise, and have just finished the last station for the night. We expect a fresh start early tomorrow so that we can finish this transect and move on to some other sites as we head back to the Pelican's home port in Cocodrie, LA.

In the meantime, everyone is busy processing samples from the day's efforts to free up space for tomorrow. For the radium samples, our counting equipment has been going non-stop, and we have the lab bench lined with samples waiting to be counted. Plus, we still have seven barrels processing on the back deck which will have to be counted as well. So, at least for the crew from USF, there won't be much rest tonight. With less than three days left of the cruise, we will be doing all we can to collect samples from as many stations as possible.

But, it's not all work and no play. In between stations we have had a lot of fun, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting to know each other. Joining us on this second cruise is Caroline Coker, a science teacher for the Mobile County Public School System in Mobile, Alabama.

Caroline has been a great help with sample collection, and we've even got her helping to process some of the samples for Total suspended solids (TSS) and dissolved radon. So far, Caroline has helped to collect 2 box cores, and obviously doesn't mind getting dirty.

Also joining us is Iuri Herzfeld, a PhD candidate at the University of Hawaii, Department of Oceanography. Iuri is working on finishing up his dissertation at UH, but is interested in gaining a variety of oceanographic experience along the way. Most of his research has been from small boats (and he has even taken water samples from coral reef systems in Hawaii using personal water craft), so he was excited to come along on the Pelican. He, too, has been a great help with the sample collection and processing, and he managed to learn the procedures in record time. He is also a master of disguise...

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